Things to do for February

Well, February has come in with a mighty roar.  Too cold for my blood, but it sure makes me appreciate that I live in Texas and not up north.

February is a great time to move any azaleas you may have in a bad spot.  Just be sure to keep them watered, with good drainage.

Daylilies can be divided now if the clumps have become too large.  Any summer flowering bulbs can be planted now also.

January through May and July through October, gladiolas can be planted in 2 week successions for a continuous bloom.

Fertilizing your lawns, trees, shrubs (not azaleas, camellias or pink magnolias) with a complete fertilizer will ensure healthy new growth for spring.  Be sure to water it in and keep the fertilizer away from the trunks.

Now is the last opportunity you will have to prune many shrubs so that you do not lose your summer blooms.

Do not plant roses any later than February and if you have not pruned your existing roses, do so now.  Spraying your rose beds with a fungicide can prevent black spot.  New rose bushes should not be fertilized until after their first blooming.

You can sow seeds in flats for your summer vegetables such as eggplant, cucumbers, squash, tomatoes and more. Spring is just around the corner and I for one will be very happy to greet it.

Happy Gardening.

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