March 2012 Gardening Tips for the Backyard Gardener

Yes, spring is knocking on our door and I can’t wait to be back in the garden tilling, fertilizing and planting.  A garden is becoming a necessity, with the price of food and fuel.  If this is your first garden, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Make sure you are putting your garden in a well drained area.
  2. You will need at least 6 hours of sunlight a day.
  3. Your soil will most likely need some compost or manure to beef it up.  A soil test wouldn’t hurt.  Your local extension office should be able to help you with that.
  4. It is best to buy your seeds or plants locally to ensure that they are going to thrive in our area.
  5. Keep in mind that our spring and fall are short lived and the summer is very long and hot.

India - Haridwar - 010 - vegetables for sale in Bara BazaarMarch is when most of the Gulf Coast area begins planting corn, beans, squash, cucumbers, and peas.  Eggplant, pepper, and tomato plants can be put out now also.  Though few and far between, keep an eye open for an unexpected frost and cover to protect your new transplants.

April kicks the growing season into high gear.  All kinds of melons can be planted now.  Pumpkins, zucchini, black eyes, limas can all be put in.  In late April, okra and sweet potatoes can be planted.  If you would like your okra seeds to germinate faster, pour hot water over the seeds and let them sit overnight in the water.  The next day, they will be ready to plant.

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