January/February 2013 Newsletter

Once again, another year of gardening officially ends and a new one begins. As we welcome the New Year 2013, winter brings us brisk mornings and the promise of much needed rain. Our plants will get a well deserved rest, because this is the dormant season. A time when gardeners can reflect on their gardens success and possible changes they might want to make. We are also making some changes. We have made the decision to be closed on Mondays. Everyone needs time to rest. As we announced in the last newsletter, we now have a uniques and antiques area that is really fun to check out. New items are being brought in regularly. We hope to see you soon.

We will begin receiving our vegetable, herb and flower seeds in February for all of those who enjoy starting their plants from seed. Fresh shipments of herbs and vegetable plants will arrive soon after. Now is a great time to begin preparing your garden by cleaning them and working in compost and manure. Leaves are generally very plentiful in the fall and are a great way to mulch your beds; recycled organic matter is a great compost that’s FREE. Rotating your crops will help your productivity and also aid in preventing disease.

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