Bluebonnet Herb Farms Favorite Roses for Texas

  1. Limoncello- “The Tough Guy” for hardiness, very heat tolerant & Disease resistant– Yellow (H) 4ft (W) 4ft
  2. Belinda’s Dream- “The Performer” for repeat blooming and the bloom itself- Pink (H) 4ft (W) 6ft
  3. Duchesse de Brabant- For its intense fragrance – Pink (H) 4ft (W) 6ft
  4. Yellow Lady Banks- “The Gentle Beauty” (thorn less) – Yellow (H) 12-20ft
  5. Red Cascade-“The Climber” for its beautiful mini red blossoms – Red (H) 0-5 ft (W) 0-5ft This versatile rose can be trained to climb or used as a carpet rose.
  6. The Drift Rose –”The Carpet Rose” for the miniature rose- Available in various colors (H) 2 ½ ft. (W) 3ft
  7. The Knock Out- “The Hybrid” for its earth kind features – Available in Various colors (H) 4ft (W) 4ft
  8. Old Blush-“The Antique” For those who prefer Antiques – Pink (H) 3-6 ft (W) 4-6ft
  9. The Sun Blaze Rose- “The Container Rose” Available in Various colors (H) 1-2ft (W) 1-2ft
  10. Cinco de Mayo- “One of a Kind” for its indescribable blend of smoked lavender and rusty red – orange multi-colored clusters and glossy green foliage. (H) 4ft (W) 4ft

Duchesse de Brabant Orange Knockout Rose Yellow Knockout Rose

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