Basic Principles for Attracting Butterflies

Every garden can be so much richer by the butterflies that decorate it. Here are a few basic tips on how to attract butterflies to your garden. Now every gardener can enjoy a glittering array of nature’s jewelry in their own backyard.

Grow Lots of Nectar plants

Black-eyed Susan, Coreopsis, Pentas, Asters, butterfly weed, purple coneflower, butterfly bush and other flowering plants. Butterflies usually chooses the plant that is most abundant, also by planting in clumps more butterflies can feed at the same time. Try to plant plants of different heights to attract smaller species of butterflies that stay lower to the ground.
Black-eyed Susans Monarch butterfly on Pentas flower Mylitta crescent Butter Cone

Grow Caterpillar Food Plants

Fennel, Parsley, Marigolds, Grasses, clover, Asters, Oak, Elm are just some of the food plants. Many Plants that caterpillars eat are wild flowers, weeds, and Grasses. If you want a large population of butterflies provide food for Caterpillars, by planting caterpillar food plants. You will attract egglaying female butterflies to your garden.

Provide Food, Water, And Shelter

Butterflies may also feast on sap from trees as well as rotten or overripe fruit. Also be sure to provide mineral water. You can make your own by adding sand or gravel to water. Stale soda is a nice treat for butterflies as well. Just like anything else, butterflies need shelter. Some may latch themselves onto a structure when the weather is too harsh for them to be out in. If a structure is unavailable, try planting plants with large foliage so that butterflies can attach themselves to the undersides of the leaves. Then they can be protected from rain, cool weather, and strong winds.

Choose a Sunny Location

Since Butterflies are cold-blooded they are limited to what they can do in a day’s time. Butterflies need the sun to keep their bodies warm enough to fly. In order for a butterfly to fly well their body temperature must be approximately 85-100 degrees F. Butterflies will bask in the sun until they are warm enough to fly. However if you provide a sunny location that suits all of their needs, it will benefit both you and the butterflies. By being able to fly longer butterflies have more time to find food, mates, and they can lay eggs. Thus your garden gets pollinated by loads of butterflies.

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